How to Win at Slots Games. Loose Slots Games

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Every player who has ever played slots games wanted the next spin to change his or her life. But only a few people have actually hit that magical jackpot that made them rich. While there aren’t any particular ways of winning at slots games, there are some basic guidelines that may actually help you hit the big prize.

Tip 1: Slots Games Systems are a Myth

You may encounter numerous slots games systems claimed to provide consistent wins on the slots. Besides having some ridiculous marketing slogans, they are a mere waste of money. Why? Because when you have a RNG, a payout percentage of less than 100%, and no connection between the combinations there’s no possible way to predict a winning combination. Regardless of how appealing it may sound, you have to face that slots games systems don’t provide any advantage over the machine.

Tip 2: Set a Bankroll for Your Playing Session

This tip goes not only for slots games but to gambling in general. Don’t start playing any of casino games before you have established a sum you’re willing to spend during this session. And stick to this sum no matter what. There will be a temptation to win out all the losses by extending your bankroll but this will lead you only to much greater loss.

Tip 3: Learn the Rules

Although slots games may be the easiest to play, you have to read the rules of every particular slot machine before playing. Each slots game has its own min bet amount and winning combinations, so read the pay table first and then start spinning.

Tip 4: Know When to Stop

You should always know when to stop playing. Even if you’re winning, the chances are you won’t be hitting big afterwards and will lose all the money you have won. To avoid this, you have to set your gaming goals and stick to them. Think of the amount of your win and the maximum loss you can take, and go away from the machine the moment you hit any of those extremes.

Tip 5: Set a Number of Non Winning Spins

While the chances of hitting a jackpot don’t have anything to do with non-winning combinations or any particular slot machine, setting a particular number of non-wins will at least keep you entertained and let you try out a couple of slots games during one session.

Tip 6: Have Fun While Playing

If you think of slots games as a way to win money, then forget about slot machines and look elsewhere. Slots games are all about fun and entertainment, so if you aren’t winning you can at least enjoy playing it! And that’s worth more than any jackpot out there. Loose slots games Some of you may know that there is a number of slots games in every land casino that have a higher payout percentage than the others.

Such slot machines are called «loose slots». Loose slots games are used by the casino to stimulate players and make them believe that it’s easy to win here. When you see someone constantly winning, this increases your confidence and makes you want to throw in more coins into the machine. But, as always, the machine is occupied and you have to play another slot game that isn’t that willing to make you win. That’s how the casino makes you pay more. To give your luck a test and not spend too much money while doing it, you need to find one of such loose slots games in the casino. Such slot machines don’t have a «loose slots, win here» sign on it, so you’ll have to do a bit of research and think like OVO Casino executives would think.

Get a layout of the casino, and evaluate what would be the most beneficial place to place loose slots games. So keep your eyes open and your mind working, but don’t get too suspicious in your research, because casino executives won’t welcome your findings much. There are some hints you may find helpful. First of all, you won’t find loose slots games somewhere near the table casino games. This is because table players prefer a quiet atmosphere around them, and casino executives pay much attention to their comfort. The perfect place for a tight slot machine is next to a line area, where players will play slots games just to pass the time. This leaves us with an area inside the slot machine territory, where only the slots games players are.